– What is the best way to contact Mateo Motorsports?

Because our phone line is currently unavailable, the best way to contact Mateo Motorsports for orders and inquiries is by sending an e-mail to or by filling out a contact form at the bottom of this page of my website. Please be patient and allow up to 24 hours to receive a response, as my influx of e-mails is usually quite high. You can also follow Mateo Motorsports on Facebook and Instagram!

– Why is the shipping cost so expensive?

We do not set the shipping prices. Each Mateo Motorsports Diffuser is a large unit, which requires a large box. The shipping cost for every order is calculated based on the location of the recipient and the combined weight of the total items in the package being shipped.

– How hard is it to install a Mateo Motorsports Diffuser?

The installation process of our diffusers are very straightforward and all hardware is included. Any questions can be answered by e-mailing or filling out a contact form at the bottom of this page.

– Where are you located?

Mateo Motorsports operates out of Jacksonville, Florida, where the business was founded.

– Can you send me details, drawings, and dimensions of your design?

Unfortunately, I am unable to share any blueprints of my designs because this is how I make a living.

– What material do you use to make your diffusers and canards?

Every Mateo Motorsports Diffuser and set of canards are made to order out of aluminum.

– When I purchase aerodynamic products from your website, is the installation hardware included?

Yes, every piece purchased from Mateo Motorsports will include the necessary hardware for installation.

– Do Mateo Motorsports aerodynamic parts come painted?

Yes, every piece purchased from my website is made to order and painted black, unless a customer requests otherwise.

How much does your diffuser typically weigh?

A Mateo Motorsports E36 Diffuser weighs around 15-pounds.

– Does Mateo Motorsports keep a stock of products to sell for its online store?

No, every piece sold by Mateo Motorsports is built-to-order.

– What is the normal turnaround time when ordering Mateo Motorsports aerodynamic parts?

On average, it takes me 4-6 business days after after a customer’s payment is received to finish building a customer’s parts. However, the size of this time frame will vary depending on the quantity of orders that I need to fulfill at the time.

– Will a Mateo Motorsports E36 Diffuser fit a non-M E36?

Yes, a few customers have successfully installed my E36 diffuser on non-M, but the piece is specifically designed to bolt directly onto an OEM E36 M3 rear bumper.

– I would like to purchase Mateo Motorsports aerodynamic parts for a car that is not an E36. How can I go about doing that?

While I am able to design aerodynamic parts for any model of car, I unfortunately do not have templates made for vehicles that I have never worked on. Therefore, all non-E36 cars will require a local drop off at my shop to have pieces made for the car in person. Because our phone line is currently unavailable, you can go about this by sending an e-mail to or by filling out a form at the bottom of this page.




Feel free to fill out this form with any inquiries regarding our products. Due to the high influx of customer e-mails, please allow up to 24-hours for a response.